Deenbandhu Rabbit Farm

We produce all kinds of rabbits . We also produce other meat like black Bengal goat and piking duck,khaki Campbell duck ,turkey,quail, Indian snail,vanoraja murgi(like deshi chicken). etc

এই কৃষককে একটি বার্তা পাঠাতে আইকনটির উপর ক্লিক করুন।

Our Farm is in Westbengal. We produce all kinds of Rabbit . Grey giant, white giant, Newzealand red, newzealand Black, falimix Giant, soviet chinchila. We also produce goats and duck in our farm We are addition in our farm turkey and vanoraja murgi(chicken) and Indian snial. We also manufacture peppermint oil (mint oil) . We invite buyers to contact us for your requirement


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