What is Farmily about?

Channelizing food production and distribution for a sustainable world

Feeding the growing population and enabling food security is going to put severe strains on our planet's resources. Farmily is redefining the way the world produces, distributes and consumes food starting with India.

Connecting the farming ecosystem to new markets

Proliferation of smartphones will connect the next billion unconnected to the Internet enabling farmers to access new markets and share knowledge and best practices.

Optimizing wastage by producing to demand

Producing to demand and real time transactions will enable products and services to be delivered just in time optimizing the huge wastage of food in the chain from farm to the table.

What can Farmily do for you?


Enables you to reach new buyers and negotiate better prices for your Agricultural produce. Empowers you with knowledge and the power of Information technology to showcase your produce in front of a large audience and helps demand drive your business. Let potential buyers know what you can produce and where your farm is located by listing your produce on Farmily. Interested buyers can contact you and place a demand for procuring your produce online. You will be able to negotiate a fair price, delivery timelines and the terms of transaction.

Farm produce buyers and consumers

A wide supplier base allows you as a supermarket, vendor of farm produce, restaurant, bulk consumer, food or other business to procure quality produce at the right and fair price by creating and meeting demand which keeps costs and quality stable. Produce can be tracked and managed from the farm to the table ensuring minimal wastage. Demand based production will enable you to predict costs accurately and manage cash flows. Quality control becomes easy and can be integrated into the supply chain effectively. Wastage is minimized converting it to profits and enabling food security.

Connected agriculture eco-system

Logistics and truck operators can leverage the network to optimize capacity and costs. Financing the value chain becomes easy to track and deploy. Farm related microfinance and micro insurance schemes can be effectively deployed.
Reach of farm inputs and services increases manifold. Access to agricultural information, knowledge delivery for modern farming techniques and deployment of best practices for sustainable and organic farming can be adopted quickly and efficiently.

Quick and Easy Sign Up

Use your mobile phone number in India or your email address to create an account. If you are a farmer list your produce and location so buyers can find you. Questions and suggestions are welcome, please contact us at info@farmily.com or call our toll-free number 1800 1214142.

Build your ecosystem

Tell your farmer friends, restaurants, supermarkets, farm produce vendors, logistics and truck operators and others related to farming to sign up and use farmily. It is easy! It is free! Sign up now!