Certified Organic Plantation in Karnataka

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KAPRI estate is situated in the scenic coffee belt of Sakleshpur in Karnataka, India. The plantation has an over 90 year history from the days of the British rule. It was then passed down and the current owners have had it since 2011. The plantation was converted to fully organic and has not used any chemical fertilizers or pesticides since the last 3 years. Organic vermicomposting is done on the farm as fertilizer. Neem and natural pest repellents and predatory insects are used to control pests. The entire micro ecosystem has been preserved with indigenous species of trees and plants as shade . Shade management is limited so the coffee on this farm has a unique flavor. Other crops grown are pepper, cardamom, jackfruit, bayleaves, lemon, orange, etc which are also fully organic certified. We can now produce organic/zero pesticide Mint.Please message for details


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