Located at the foot hills - this farm has been tilled for the 1st time & all millets are sown in this farm. natrually Thutthi keerai, avaaram Poo ( flower), kandan kathiri, kaattu elumichchai, malai sundaikkai are growing here

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Located naturally on the slopes of a foot hill. Ideal for step farming. Adopting Nammazhwar's, Masanobu's, Palekar's  Natural farming techniques growing millets, herbs, grams, trees, fruits, flowers are growing naturally in the best natural environment.

nearly 50 small farm ponds are created. natural ponds are being designed will soon be operational. all kinds of creatures are freely roaming in the farm indicating the rich soil with all natural nutrients essential for a healthy plant life.

Millions of earthworms, tiny insects, butterflies, grass hoppers, sparrows, cuckoos, squirrels, crows, pigeons, peacocks, Rabbits, rats, snakes, mangoose have allowed few human beings to work along with themselves in creating this wonderful farm.

Greens - like - Thuththi keerai - which is a ideal green for the Piles & constipation - are growing aplenty.

flowers like avaram Poo - the flower is a ideal medicine Sugar patients, leaves cure even dysentery.

Kandan Kathiri - leaves, flower & fruit ideal for any tooth ailments.

kaatu sundakkai - ideal for pickles is growing naturally along with many unknown herbs.

Kaatu Elumichchai - small sized lemons spreads its fragrance around the farm.

Millets-  Varagu, Kezh varagu (ragi), Kuthirai Vaali, Kambu, Pani Varagu, saamai, thinai are sown.

Grams like - Horse Grams, red gram, black gram , green gram are also being sown.


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