Blcack Chicken Thailand

The Phu Phan Royal Development Study Center has been Studied and confirmed that in black Plu Phan black Chicken has Melanin (Antioxidant) which helps to protect you from cancer & improved healthy body. Phu Phan Black chicken has 2 different colors, black & white which has the same result in consumption.

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Black chicken is a healthy food for elderly patients, pregnant and postpartum or who would like to improve his/her healthy life. Believed by a black cock, If consumed regularly can help build strength and vitality. To help brain clarity, be healthy, enhancing the performance of the body. Of this belief makes a black cock as widely popular today. With the popularity of consumption of black chickens, the prices are higher than chicken or broiler chickens typically 4-5 times compared with the same weight. Under the same feast Cock, Black Cock, Phu Phan Black Cock is a new breed of study and develop the livestock. The Phu Phan Royal Development Study Center. Studied and improved varieties resistant to black cock bred disease-resistant environment, easy to raise, rapid growth, to create income for the farmers and reduce production costs.


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