Family Farm

Hydroponic rooftop and greenhouse farm that is set up close to urban area, so the produce can be delivered as fresh as possible.

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To maximize quality, freshness, sustainability and to ensure absolutely NO PESTICIDES, we're growing a variety of herbs and vegetables hydroponically. The farm is spread out over 7 different locations and since it's hydroponic, the space utilized is extremely low.

In just 400 sq.ft. we can produce upwards of 500 KGs of lettuce, along with over 50 KGs of tomatoes and a variety of fresh herbs and exotic leafy and fruiting veggies. All our products are non-GMO Heirloom varieties and once we accept an order, we guarantee delivery of vine/branch ripened produce within 4 hours of harvesting. The crops we currently have in production are:

  1. Lettuce- Lollo rosso, iceberg, Jericho, Black-seeded simpson, Great lakes
  2. Pak Choi
  3. Tat Sui
  4. Peppers- Jalapeno, Habanero, Pimento, Serrano, Ancho/Poblane, Tabasco
  5. Tomatoes- Texas wild cherry, Red queen, Cherokee purple, Beefsteak, Yellow pear
  6. Cucumber
  7. Watermelon
  8. Musk melon
  9. Capsicum- Green, Red, Orange, Purple, White and Yellow
  10. Okra (Bhindi)
  11. Eggplant (Bengan)
  12. Basil- Dark opal, Italian large leaf, Lemon, Thai, Cinnamon
  13. Oregano
  14. Rosemary
  15. Celery
  16. Parsley
  17. Kale (Blue curled vates)
  18. Swiss Chard- Fordhook giant, Ruby red
  19. Spinach (Regular green, Kashmiri haq, Baby spinach, Ceylon/Malabar
  20. Cabbage- Michihili (Chinese cabbage), Radicchio
  21. Broccoli- Green sprouting, Purple sprouting, Romanesco
  22. Brussel Sprouts
  23. Eggplant- Green, Purple and white

All this and more.

We are in the process of establishing a base of operations and adding to the variety of produce. However, as of now we can supply limited quantities of lettuces, kale, Beefsteak tomatoes, celery and spinach.

Farming is the single most important activity and farmers around the world enjoy an excellent financial and social status, but in our country it's just the opposite. Since they're used to growing in increasingly harsh environments, our countries farmers have outstanding knowledge and experience. The design of our establishment is structured to utilize this extensive knowledge and apply it in a modern facility, where they can earn properly and work comfortably. Since we would require only about an hour a day, they can continue their field farming and still earn additional income.

The growing areas are converted unused-areas, close to the city limits (rooftops, barren land, balconies, terraces, etc.) so we can facilitate short time-to-deliver.


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