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fontWe are PAN India authorized distributor - for distributing 100 % organic manure of IOTM Ltd (Joint Venture Company between Indian Oil Corporation & Mabagas - Germany) - manufacturing state of the art organic manure product for Domestic & Export Markets. font


fontIOT Mabagas produces anaerobically digested organic manure using german technology. Our Organic Manure brand Ayswaryam is produced using Poulty litter, Sugancane Press Mud,Cow Dung and Topacia waste.font


fontIt is the only product which is available in Asian Region with Anaerobic Digestion Process with international standards & we have been exporting our Manure to South Asian countries.font

fontAdvantages of using our products are :font

fonta)  Odour Free.font

fontb)  Free from Pathogensfont

fontc)  Product is totally Free from Weed Seeds.font

fontd)  It Improves Humus Content, contains Macro & Micro nutrients in readily available form.font

fonte)  It helps better root development leading to Higher Nutrient uptake.font

fontf)  Better water holding capacity (20-25%)font

fontg)  Product suits for all types of Crops, Plantations and in all Climatic Conditions.font

Our product has been tested & approved by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), UPASI, wbrSpices Board, SGS India & it is only product fontlisted in FCO (Fertilizer Control Order) under Organic Manure Category.font 

fontOur bags comes in 40 Kgs Packing. font


fontIt is best suited for all crops & plantations irrespective of any climatic conditions.font



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