gari agro farm

hello this is sridhar from ananthapura . i have agro farm of different crop(MANGO & ARECANUT)

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53 acres of land i have in ananthapura District. i have mango and arecanut farm. 430 mango trees of different varieties  like malgoba , bangana palli , badami and some others. out of 430 trees , 300 are giving yield rest of 150 trees are young .per year i am getting nearly 25 to 30 tonnes . ten years old trees are their and 7 years old trees are their . for arecanut i have made completely drip irrigation system , it is their in 5 acre , now i am not getting any yield from arecanut . next year it will start to yield. and in the rest of the land i am growing maize and ragi only.


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