pujari agro farm

in 30 acres of black cotton soil we are growing G9 juicy banana in 10 acres with 6ooo plants , turmeric in 10 acre ( selvam variety)and in other to acres sugarcane local variety .farm is in my village near to jamakandi . already banana started yielding i am ready to supply A graded banana once in 15 days but buyers has to arrange transportation facilities

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10 months back banana got planted in 10 acres with 6000 plants  , now its yielding  already 2 times we have harvested . we are ready to supply  A grade banana around 7 to 8 inches with good smell and texture. we can sell 600 kgs of banana  once in 15 days  .turmeric is their  in 10 acres, variety is selvam , its a bright colored turmeric 2 months back we had planted, after 10 months with packing we are ready to supply. 


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