raj neesarga farm

200 mango trees ,10 mulberry,cotton in 70 acres, paddy in 80 acres, curry leaves in 4 acres,jasmine in 3 acres and growing some other crops also. i am running 200 acres of land near to manthralayam.

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16 different varieties of mango like badami, mulgoba.thothapuri, mallika, banganapalli,alphanso,amarapali,raspuri,dusehri, kalepad, neelam and others in 10 acres every year i am getting nearly 4 to 5 lakhs of income from mango trees. mulberry , its in 10 acre we grow every year . curry leaves plants are their in 4 acre its name is "kadu karibevu" , gives strong smell more than a normal one, we are exporting to many other countries. in acre i have planted jasmine flower the name of the flower is "Dundu Mallige" it much popular in Kolar (D), Karnataka state . every day getting 200 kgs of flower. 70 acres of land given to lease , they are growing . we have sown paddy in 80 acres . growing some other vegetables also.


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