tharun agro farm

as i have mentioned above i have only coconut trees in 15 acre. number of trees is 1000 , all the trees covered entire 15 acres of land. i have a plan to grow papaya this year. preparations are going on .

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we sell it in the farm of tender coconut and copra too, regularly we are supplying to the local markets , in and around the salem . we supply once in 15 days you can feel the quality of nuts by the look. its so sweet and tasty to drink. the coconuts are also very good at oil content.this year i am going to grow papaya with the new land. in a 2 to 3 months i will cultivate nearly 1000 plants.variety is red lady . for this crop i am ready to supply in bulk on a contract basis if anyone agree with me. so let me know the persons who are all interested in this.


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