stayed in KANDUKURU,B.KOTHAKOTA, CHITTUR (D), ANDRA total have 22 acres but we are using only 6 acres to grow crops. this year we have sown peanut or ground nut ,paddy ,sunflower and tomato.

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peanut or ground nut ,paddy ,sunflower and tomato are the major crops of this year. in 1 acre have planted tomato plants , ground nut in 2 acre ,sunflower in  1.5 acre and paddy in 1 we are harvesting tomato.i am stayed in Chittur but i am ready to supply to other places but only when i get remunerative price. sunflower and ground nut are the similar kind of products and they will come to harvest at a time.paddy transplanted in 1.5 acre it is a basumathi rice. 


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