I am from Bangalore but my farm is in Malavalli. producing mainly Horticultural crops and some agricultural crop also. guava , papaya,coconut,mango are the Horticultural crops . sugarcane and paddy are the agricultural crops.

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1.Both the crops are under irrigation condition , have good enough of water for farming 

2.guava orchid in 1 acre ,number of plants is 320 , its a red colored one 

3. mango ; 150 trees are their , 3 types of varieties a.malgoba b.thothapuri c.neelam

4.papaya; variety is red lady , 500 plants , now it is 4 month old crop 

5. paddy and sugarcane ; these two crops are under canal irrigated system 

6. now we have nothing to sell

9. after 1 month will get papaya 

10. looking for bulk papaya buyers and for guava also.


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