Dastagir Nadaf farm

7.5 acre is fully block with clay soil, sown cotton, ground nut, wheat, jowar. my farm is 14 km away from the Hubli .all the crops are in single plot farm.we have 7.5 acre in a single place.

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BT cotton medium duration variety , sown 2 kgs in 3 acre in 60*60 spacing , in between the rows of cotton will sow jowar , one single cotton plant will give 2 kgs of cotton.so in approximate will get 25 to 30 qt this year.Ground nut in 1 acre, home made seeds,30*30 spacing,will get around 15 to 20 gunny bags. wheat in 1 acre deb-ling  method of sowing. i am looking buyers for only ground nut.


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