Ritiah farm

We produce tons of organic bay leaves

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We are farmers from a small isolated village of Meghalaya called Pungwei Kyian, Nongjri elaka. We are producing Bay leaves and Broom sticks in a huge number. But we have been continuously cheated by big businessmen who just buy our products from our village at a really really less price and sell them at a very very high price, so when it reaches you and the end customer it gets really costly.  We want to directly sell our products to you, so that we can get considerable amount of profits and which will also be very less cost for you when compared to the cost you are paying now which will also increase your profits. This will help a whole village stand on it's feet and actually grow.  We produce everything in an organic way, it's all forest here and we don't need to use any kind of fertilisers because we have extreme fertile land, everything grows naturally. Also we are planning to grow fruits and vegetables which are again organic and you can directly source them through us which will decrease the costs and increase your profits.


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