Pravin's Vineyards

Big and Beautiful Grape Vineyards and Pomegranate Orchards, just 20 Km further from Nashik City, and 1 Km off the National Highway from Mumbai to Agra.

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Welcome to Banganga Udyan. This is the oldest Vineyard where Grapes were grown in 1925 for the first time in Maharashtra! We have Table Grapes like Flame Seedless, Autumn Seedless, Sudhakar, Nanasaheb Purple etc., and Wine Grapes like Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc.
Our Farm is a great Picnic Spot, (see ) and we always make all our produce absolutely safe for consumption by never using banned chemicals, using Good Agricultural Practices, observing safe intervals from spray to harvest and maintaining Minimum Residue Levels. This results in excellent quality for export with affordable prices. Produce is available for sale in harvest season only.


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